In 1982, the joint venture enterprise established by investment from American and China's Agricultural Industry Development Co., Ltd.
In 1983, construction of the large dairy farm.
Between 1984 and 1985, 810 superior dairy cattle from the United States and Canada arrived in Guangzhou by plane and settled down in Flower Lounge farm. This is the origin meaning of the Flower Lounge flying cow logo. Also, it was the first time that importing superior dairy cattle from American in china. Meanwhile, the construction of dairy processing factory began.
In 1985,Ye Xuanping,the Guangdong province governor at that time, titled “Canton American Flower Lounge Livestock Co., Ltd."
In 1986, launched products of Flower Fresh.
In 1987, “Canton American Flower Lounge Livestock Co., Ltd."officially opened.
In 1989, transformed from the joint venture enterprise to the United States owned enterprise.
In 2008, increased the investment to expand production lines and business scale.